Important Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are very crucial and important for a successful career. You cannot run your professional life smoothly if you don’t have these presentation skills. In case, you are asked to select a professional from a bunch of people, what would you normally do? Well, it’s really easy. What you do is shoot a question at this bunch of people. The person who comes up with the most smart and well structured answer is probably the one you should select. So, generally what do the interviewers or recruiters look for in a candidate who goes for an interview? Have you ever thought about the answer to this? No doubt those degrees, those important qualifications and those invaluable experiences are important; but the most important of them all, are your presentation skills. The way you handle, compose and present yourself is very important.

No doubt some people are blessed naturally with great presentation skills, but for those who do not fall under this category, there are many DVDs, tapes, CDs, books, magazines and journals available, for improving and learning about presentation skills. Reading this article can help too. So read on, to find more. Before you start, remember the phrase – “Practice makes a man perfect”.

Using visual aids will enrich your presentation. These visual aids simplify the presentation, for your audience. Therefore, your presentations must contain pictorial illustrations. Do not lengthen the presentation too much. This kills the presentation. Twenty two minutes is considered as a standard time period for your presentation.

Studies reveal that, people can remember three things about a presentation or any other lecture. Hence you need to think what these three things will be, before you start your presentation. Put up only these three things, on a slide. As stated above, “Practice makes a man perfect”. So, rehearse your presentation over and over, again. Studies reveal that this is the only thing that can improve yourself this. Include stories in your presentation. Use examples; and use your imagination to pep your presentation. Using your creativity and your imagination is one of the most important presentation skills. Never put your speaker notes on the screen. Have a video camera set for yourself. Record yourself. This will help you to figure out your own flaws and mistakes. By doing this, you can even pay attention to your body language. And this will ultimately help you to improve your Presentation skills.

You should always have an idea about the next slide coming up. Pausing or skipping words, will not create a good impact on the audience. Having a backup plan is also very important. Nothing is predictable. Have a printed set of your presentation, and presentation copy in a CD or a pen drive, for emergency purposes.

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