Shoppers’ Secrets – How to Negotiate in a Recession and Save More

Shoppers’ tips on how to negotiate in good economic times is a valuable skill any smart person who wants to save money should have. But in a deep recession like this country is experiencing now having negotiation skills can make the difference between financial survival or failure. If you’re a buyer you have an advantage especially if you’re in the market for a car, home, clothes or any big ticket item and you have the cash or credit to buy it.

But you’re not out of the woods and saving money in this tight economic climate isn’t an automatic slam dunk just because it’s a so-called buyers market. It would surprise you how many uninformed buyers still pay too much for product and services in this buyers market. Why? Simple, they don’t know how to negotiate.

Here’s 5 Tips To Negotiate More Confidently and Save Money.

1. Do Your Research Before You Negotiate – Not After.

Many people make the mistake of negotiating on the fly, without the benefit of properly researching prices, choices, options and other factors. They have the impression negotiation is a test of wills, quick comebacks or out-talking the other person. When in reality it’s the ability to set up a win-win situation where both parties arrive at mutual beneficial situation that will give you the best experience. This shoppers secret happens when you do your part and do the proper research. Because of the internet this is a much easier process than ever before.

2. To Negotiate With Confidence You Must Be Willing To Walk Away If The Price, Terms Or Risk Is Too High.

This requires advance planning. Have a written or mental plan of your cut off points before you go into the store, dealer or business to buy a product or service. For example, you should have the maximum amount you’ll pay. You should have the minimum quality in the product or service you need to buy. And you should have what a call a deal breaker limit. In other words, what you must have to buy. If it’s not included – no sale.

3. Remember The More Desperate You Are … The Less You’ll Save.

This is a rookie shoppers biggest mistake. I’m often surprised at how many so-called seasoned shoppers make this costly mistake. The mistake of appearing desperate to buy a product or service is one of the biggest obstacles most shoppers place in their path to saving money.

To an effective negotiation strategies you must be willing to walk if the terms or price is too high. If you have to have a product or service, like a mathematical formula, your power to negotiate shrinks in relation to your desperation.

Most salespeople worth their salt can smell a desperate buyer a mile away. So avoid the go-to-have it now attitude if you want to negotiate confidently and save money. You do this by appearing mildly interested at best. It’s a fine line your walking hear, you don’t want to appear too aloof, this could offend, but you want to appear mildly interested. Have the attitude I might buy if you can meet my demands in price, service and quality. That’s why having a negotiation strategy is so important to have before you go into the store. Having a plan before you start to negotiate gives you more time to think and adjust if necessary.

4. Always Make Sure The Person You’re Negotiating With Has The Power To Bargain

This is another small but important mistake many people make. Asking for a price break, an extra service or better terms from a clerk, cashier or stock person. In most cases these people never have the authority to negotiate, that is unless they’re the owner or manager. Therefore when you ask a person whose not authorized to negotiate most will simply say no. Why? Because most don’t know the price is negotiable and others assume it’s not.

You may have some clerks that will go and get the owner or manager, but most will simply say no. So what do you do? Ask to speak to the manager yourself. This simple action will help to set up and lay the ground work for a successful negotiation.

5. Negotiating Effectively Is Also Knowing When To Stop.

Other than failing to ask, negotiating with the wrong people or having a got to have it no matter what attitude. The next biggest reason most people miss out on huge savings from negotiation is getting too greedy. This is another reason for research.

When you research you’ll know what the going prices are for the products and services you’re negotiating on. Just remember the business or salesperson you’re negotiating with has to make some profit. You shouldn’t mind them making a profit, you just don’t want them making it all on you. Now you know the most important shoppers secret [] to saving more money in a recession.

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